Planning a family camping holiday? Don’t go underprepared!

If you are on a budget (and which family isn’t?) then a camping holiday is a great way for you all to get away together without it costing the earth. Many people choose a camping holiday because once you have arrived at a campsite you have all the facilities you need – from toilets and showers through to indoor swimming pools for all climates and good quality evening cabaret entertainment. As long as you choose the right family campsite you have all the elements for a great family holiday – the kids will be happy and the adults will be able to relax in a safe and friendly environment. However, before you leave it is essential that you get organised, otherwise you may find that the holiday is more stressful than it is relaxing. Here are the essentials you need to think through:


It’s all very well having a tent, but where are the adults going to hang out when the kids have gone to bed? The perfect solution is to bring a party tent or gazebo along with you. This provides a sheltered spot where you can relax with a glass of wine or two, light some candles and wind down from the day. When you are ready, you can retire to the tent without waking the kids up. A common mistake that people make is to only arrive with one tent, and then the adults find they have nowhere to chill out once all has gone quiet with the kids, and because they can’t leave them, they can’t wander up to the entertainment centre. A big party tent will solve that problem, and if you make some friends while you are away it’s the perfect place for entertaining them.


If you turn up with no food provisions you will end up getting stung financially. Campsite shops are notoriously expensive, and there will be very little choice too. Get organised with a camping stove and some saucepans, and bring loads of tinned food along with you that won’t perish in the heat. You should aim to buy only your perishables such as milk and cheese from the local shop. Everything else can be bought in advance at much lower prices from your local supermarket. Don’t forget a few packets of crackers, crisps and snacks.


Plan your travel to the campsite carefully, making sure you leave enough time for pit-stops and refuelling. Let the kids out once in a while to stretch their legs, and if you embark on a long leg of the journey then give them plenty of things to entertain themselves such as colouring books, toys and games. It may seem like a hassle, but it’s far better than putting up with a load of bad-tempered whinging children in the back of your car!

Planned in the right way, a camping trip can be a really exciting adventure for the whole family. Making sure you are organised beforehand is the key to a successful time away. You’ll come back with loads of great memories and some really exciting tales to tell!

  •   The author of this post, Leslie Kramer, is a freelance blogger working for Brotent, a company specializing in structural engineering solutions. She is a voracious reader and enjoys working on car restoration projects in her spare time .You can follow her on twitter @Les_kramer.

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