Class A, B And C: RV explained

The biggest motivation behind purchasing an RV, besides an obvious love of road tripping is the house-on-wheels factor. While an RV is generally purchased purely for this function, living in one full time is very possible. Some people even like to take it a step further and race them.

In fact some recreational vehicles have facilities that would rival the Hilton – with prices that would rival that of an Italian sports car.

The defining features of RV’s are essentially the same as a typical house – i.e. living area, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. As with vehicles that don’t come with bathrooms and lounges, there are a number of different models and manufacturers available.

RV’s are normally classified according to 3 main categories – Class A, Class B and Class C. Knowing the difference between these if important if you’re in the market for an RV because each has different characteristics.

Let’s go into some more detail:

Class A:

Class A motorhomes looks just like a buses, with a flat front and back end and large windows. Except instead of seats, you’ll find a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and entertainment area.

Class A RV’s are top of the line and don’t come cheap. You’re looking at $70 000 and upwards. For example: The Journey series 2013 M-42W Cummins comes in at around $310 000.

At an average 30 – 40 feet, Class A’s not only look like buses they’re as long as them too.

All about luxury most class A RV’s have heating / air conditioning, dishwashers and washing machines. In case of apocalypse there is also a basement storage area where you can store backup supplies. However, larger vehicle means bigger engine – i.e. you’ll be spending a lot more than average on fuel.

Class C:

The class C motorhome in terms of appearance can best be described as a vehicle cross-breed between a cargo truck, a car and a caravan.

There is a camper section (where you sleep) at the top of the cab that extends of the front of the vehicle. The class C is slightly smaller than the big daddy class A and averages about 20 – 30+ feet. There is also less space (storage, closet and living) and fewer features – so no central heating and air con with this one.

In terms of price: Class C RV’s start at around $60 000 and go up from there.

Class B:

Class B RV’s can be built according to what the buyer wants – i.e. they are smaller custom designed RV’s. The cab sections are typically made out of fibreglass like ranger canopies on regular pickups.

There is generally no over cab or camper section and fold-out beds are common place. Class B’s are somewhat cheaper, starting at around $50 000 and fuel economy will also be much better than A or C.

Many manufacturers of class A and class C recreational vehicles also make class B vehicles.

Now that you know the different classes of recreational vehicles and what they have to offer, you’ll be in a better position if and when you’re ready to buy one. The best place to start with regard to choosing an RV is to consider special requirements (i.e. how many people will be living in the RV) and most importantly budget. Happy Camping!

Alternatively if you don’t feel like splashing out on an RV, you could get yourself an SUV or pickup, throw all your gear into your navara canopy and camp the way they used to in the old days.

This article was written by Daniel Stevens who is a fan of the great outdoors and when he’s not writing up a storm 😉 – that’s where you’ll find him.

Author: Staff Reporter

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