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Deciding on the best skincare product for your spa

 Cape Town, 23 May 2017 – The digital age has brought quality information within fingertip reach of most consumers, which means they’re more educated than ever before. Being aware of global trends and the information reaching consumers can help spa owners decide on which products to stock to cater to their clients’ unique needs.

Know your customers. Paying attention and making the effort to get to know your customer will go a long way to developing and keeping a fruitful relationship. Ask the right questions, such as what interests them and why they chose to visit your spa. “Spa clientele varies depending on the location,” says Thomas van der Linde, CEO of Marx & Harris, the South African online distributor of Siam Botanicals, a deluxe range of all-natural skin, body, bath and spa products “For example, hotel spas located in more popular tourist attractions will generally have more foreign visitors, while spas located in the suburbs will cater to more locals.”

Know your brand choice and range. “Clients visit spas either to have their skin professionally cared for or, if their wallet allows; to spoil themselves. So, in order for spas to cater successfully for their clientele, they need to keep in mind their clients’ income group,” says Van der Linde.

Pinpoint your competition. “Understanding your competitors gives you the opportunity to measure your performance against that of other establishments and find your niche in the market,” says Van der Linde. Make your offering unique to cater to your established clientele, and be clear about what you’re offering and how your spa differs from what’s already out there.

Offer top-quality products. The Siam Botanicals range, recently launched online in South Africa, is made from the finest organic ingredients sourced worldwide, and is a great fit for almost any spa or beauty establishment. At the JW Marriott Phuket Resort and Spa, for example, Siam Botanicals products have proven so popular that they’re being included some of the special spa promotions. “The Siam organic facial in particular is very popular with our guests, and we’re looking at bringing more natural oils into some of our massage promotions,” says spa director Linda Overman.

Understand your product range and quantity. Skincare needs change as seasons change. Take this into account when deciding on your stock. Make sure you have enough stock during peak periods and major events that could lead to an influx in clientele.

Do your research and listen to your clients. Source your information online and through trade publications. Consider where your competitors do their research and how you should go about staying on top of trends. “Your clients can also provide you with valuable feedback,” Van der Linde says.

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About Siam Botanicals

Siam Botanicals, established in 2012, is a 100% premium natural organic skin, body, bath and spa range, and sold in North America, Europe, Asia and now Africa. Siam Botanicals products are award winning and used in premium hotels and spa’s, including the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa, the Hyatt Hotels Group and Keemala Spa. Only the finest natural ingredients are sourced worldwide. No artificial perfume, colourings or preservatives are used.

Siam Botanicals uses natural cold-pressed oils, herb flowers and fruit extracts, working as much as possible with local suppliers to source responsibly. Its products are cruelty free (never tested on animals), and its packaging is simple and environmentally friendly, with recycled brown paper used for the product tags, and gift boxes hand-woven from local reeds and grasses.

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