Skywise launches Joburg Park Station ticket kiosk

In response to media reports regarding Skywise, the airline has confirmed it is operating its normal schedule of six flights a day between Johannesburg and Cape Town, with two flights on Tuesdays as maintenance day.

Says Tabassum Qadir, Co Chairman and Interim CEO:  “Nothing has changed, we are operating the same flight schedule as updated on 20 October.   There have been no further revisions to the schedule since then.” 

The airline has confirmed that one flight was cancelled on Monday, November 9. 

Says Qadir: “The cancellation was due to a technical issue with an aircraft that led to a dispute with one of our lessors.  We are in the process of signing a new lease on a replacement aircraft from another lessor. 

“The current fleet consists of one Boeing 737, with another aircraft on standby as backup. We are currently reconfiguring an additional Boeing from a business and economy class configuration to purely an economy offering, which we are pleased to announce will be introduced to the fleet on 1 December 2015.

“Our sales are positive.  We are running a successful promotion which is having a positive impact on our load factors.  The offer is a special fare of R595 to fly between Johannesburg and Cape Town on all flights until the end of November 2015.

“In addition, we can announce that as of Wednesday 11 November, we will open our permanent Park Station Skywise sales office.  This is a positive step which enables Skywise to continue to grow the previously unflown market. Getting people who travel by road from Park Station to Cape Town aims to expose this particular market to the airline’s affordable air fares in the long term.

“Skywise is here for the long haul, and we’re confident that it can be achieved if we get the get the continued support and your faith in the airline and that you continue to work with us to make Skywise a stronger healthier airline that is able to weather any storm that may arise in the decades to come.”

In response to the resignation of the CEO last week Qadir said: “I can confirm that our CEO Irfan Pardesi, who was appointed on 11 August 2015 has decided not to continue in this role, since he was not able to handle the pressure of the aviation business. In the meantime, I will be assuming the position of interim CEO until a suitable candidate with the relevant aviation experience can be appointed.”

Editor’s Note: Its good news that finally one of the budget airlines have seized this opportunity to penetrate road travellers between Johannesburg and Cape Town…as I’ve previously noted on these blog posts below…it’s long overdue and many people who have never travelled by air, will now fly:

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