Skywise proposes an indaba for airline trade with Tourism Minister

J. Malik and Tabassum Qadir, Co-Chairs of Skywise Airline want an immediate round-table discussion between the airline industry and the Minister of Tourism, Derek Hanekom, to explore ways to effectively complement the great work that government is engaged in.

[Tweet “Input should include the distortion of air ticket prices by the national carrier, how private airlines can best complement the domestic market “]

The co-founders of the country’s newest airline, believes the gathering will bring solutions to several issues that are important to the entire opening up of the domestic airline sector and thereby help to improve South Africa’s economic influence.

Input should include the distortion of air ticket prices by the national carrier, how private airlines can best complement the domestic market that SAA is struggling to service, how the sector can help with the increase of real job creation as well as the “politics” experienced by some private operators in their daily work when dealing with government institutions. 

Skywise wants full support achievable through close relations with the tourism department. It believes that regular interface with the institution ensures effective growth for the entire industry as this guarantees idea sharing and instant feedback.

Government’s adequate and proper attention to the entire airline industry has many advantages. These include the creation of employment, growth of the economy, increased government revenue, value addition to the sector and expansion of the airline (and travel) industry in general. Increased, tangible government support can further boost the outlook of the South African economy.

It’s J. Malik and Tabassum Qadir’s belief that the domestic airline sector benefits more when the government abundantly supports it. Strong government backing enables players like Skywise to unlock real economic value.

Skywise acknowledges the valuable support that government has extended to us prior to and since our launch. We continue to experience the great things that government is doing for all passenger airline players.

However, our view is that there is need for our concerns to be expedited to enable local air passenger carriers; principally the low-cost players maximize their operations. We can be very viable given the necessary support by government.

Though the airline industry continues to witness government’s will to support, much needs to be done regarding state engagement of low-cost airlines, against helping the economy achieve impressive growth figures.

With government’s deliberate and consistent robust support, there is likely to be far better performance of the entire travel and tourism industry.

Low-cost airlines add value to the brilliant work that government is already doing through the national carrier.

Government should continue to spread their interests outside their original ambit, particularly considering that the responsibility to grow the economy and reduce unemployment lies with all of us. 

The round table discussion should spur South Africans to talk about an industry, where dynamism is at play as a result of the birth and growth of multiple domestic airline operators. Careful consideration and execution of the above has potential to drive unprecedented growth in the South African airline industry.

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