Smart travel packing when with kids

It is easy to travel light if you are going on a vacation on your own. I mean, a bag or two would be enough for your essentials. The question is, what if you have little bundles of joy with you? Is it really possible to travel light?

That’s a hard question. An up until now, I don’t think it is possible to travel light when with kids. But I think it is possible to pack smart. That’s the least we could do now. So here are my tips.

Bring laundry detergents. For a first tip, this can be a bit odd, right? But believe me, laundry detergents can go a long way. Instead of packing a lot of undergarments, why don’t you just have a medium – sized detergent? I’m not asking you to wash ALL your clothes during your vacation. It’s just stupid! But you can do easy washing with your and your kid’s undergarments. You just need to bring few pairs and wash those as necessary.

Pick interactive toys.  Naturally, kids have short attention span. We wouldn’t want their tantrums to ruin our trip. What you need to bring are interactive toys which could make them sit still. Portable game console is a nice idea. Install different games for a longer ‘peace’ on the road.

Prepare small snacks. Our children don’t have the same tolerance that we have when they are hungry. If you starve them, prepare for endless cries and outbursts. What you can do is to bring snacks like biscuits or tetra pack juices. Those should keep them full until you reach some famous diners.

Invest on a good umbrella stroller. I don’t like bulky baby strollers. Those eat a lot of space. If you are going on a road trip or going overseas, might as well get the umbrella type of strollers. Or if you think your baby is too small, forget about bringing one. There are slings which are made for babies. Believe me, your angel would still be very comfortable on those.

Bring clothes that can be matched easily. Don’t bring clothes that are too trendy and that are hard to mix and match. Make sure to bring your plain shirts, blouses and pants. If you don’t have a formal gathering to attend to, just bring your comfy loafers. This goes the same for your kid’s wardrobe. Just bring the comfy ones that don’t require too much styling.

If you are going to ask me, the best tip would be the first one! What are your suggestions so that parents can pack smartly when travelling with kids?

Rebecca Taylor is a young mom that loves to travel. She is also the senior journalist for a leading car insurance comparison site Monkey. With the mantra savings that matter, Monkey goes the extra step in ensuring a reliable and honest insurance quote.

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