South Point Hospitality supports Johannesburg City Tourism Association

Exclusive rooftop venue Randlords, owned and managed by South Point, has lent its support for the newly formed Johannesburg City Tourism Association (JCTA), an organisation aimed at promoting and developing travel and hospitality in the inner city and surrounds.

Randlords sponsored the venue as well as food and beverage for the launch of the JCTA on 27 September 2012.

“We fully support this initiative which is happening at a crucial time in the country’s social and political history. Johannesburg’s city regeneration will reflect the fusion of traditions and cultures of the country’s inhabitants,” says Trevor Latimer, Executive Head of South Point Hospitality.

“Apart from attracting local and international visitors to Johannesburg’s inner city, as members of JCTA we want to optimise the small to medium business enterprises contribution to employment and economic development,” he adds.

South Point Hospitality, including Hotel Lamunu and Randlords, is part of a group of key role players in the hospitality, transport, retail and travel agency sectors in the Johannesburg CBD, who see the need for a collaborative body representing all those involved in various facets of tourism in the city.

Johannesburg was the centre of the gold rush and became the country’s commercial centre, only to be abandoned by big businesses when they moved to the northern suburbs. The discarded city centre is now coming back to life in the last decade, but this time with a much more Afro-politan feel.

“Jozi is probably the only city where Africans from all over the continent mix quite naturally at both a social and commercial level with such fluidity and sense of community and we are privileged as South Point Hospitality to be one of the founding members of, JCTA and to be part of that legacy,” Latimer concludes.

The JCTA logo depicting a complicated network of pinheads emphasises the overlapping connections between people and places.

Author: Muzi Mohale

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