Soweto Craft Beer, Cider & Music Festival cancelled

Soweto unfiltered…unplugged” CANCELLED DUE TO EXTERNAL FACTORS

It saddens us greatly to have to inform you that “Soweto unfiltered…unplugged” has been cancelled due to external factors. The landlord has failed to obtain the necessary permits despite assurances that all was in order.

We truly regret to have to cancel the event on such short notice but we have been left with not other choice.

We still hope to see you all at the Ubuntu Kraal Brewery – Home of Soweto Gold over a cold Gold one in our Kasi Beer Garden this silly season. The kitchens serves tasty Gourmet Township Grill.

Our beer garden is open daily from 10am – 10pm (closed on Monday / Tuesday) with live entertainment on weekends.

When is Gold at its best?
Soweto Gold – every time!

Josef Schmid
MadAging Director

Tel: +27 (0)79 890 8321 I Skype: sowetogold

Author: Muzi Mohale

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