Sponsored Facebook Ads – Tourism products tapping into captive market

Google AdWords now has serious competition in the form of Facebook Ads. While Google is still superior compared to Facebook Ads in that their reach is multifold beyond their search engine. Facebook Ads are only limited to the facebook platform only.

Facebook existed for a long time without advertisements…now their timeline is diluted with paid ads targeting various users, beyond the timeline feeds from people or businesses that you follow.

Compared to Google AdWords, Facebook Ads are affordable. I’ve recently started experimenting with Facebook Ads and so far I’m happy with the result.

South African tourism brands are now taking notice and increasing their investments on Facebook Ads. Updating your timeline is now not enough if you wish to communicate your message to a wider Facebook audience, since the reach is now restricted…however if you buy Facebook traffic, you’re able to determine how much you’re will to spend in order to reach a targeted number of users.

Below are some of the tourism brands that I noticed on my timeline today who spend their marketing budget on Facebook ads…

Post by Valverde Country Hotel.

Author: Muzi Mohale

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