Swaziland Tourism Authority enforces R7,50 bed levy on bookings

According to the Times of Swaziland newspaper, from February 1, 2013 tourists will dig deeper into their pockets to sleep in any tourism establishment in Swaziland.

Added to the normal cost of accommodation per night, it will now cost E7.50 per bed per night, the Swaziland Tourism Authority has announced. Chief Executive Officer of the authority, Eric Maseko, has said this money is meant to boost tourism industry.

In an interview Maseko said: “Following the gazetting of the levies payable by Accommodation Establishments Regulation 2012, the Tourism Accommodation Establishments and the public are notified that with effect from February 1, 2013, the bed levy will be implemented and the industry players will be called to a workshop where modalities for the collection of the same will be formally explained.”

All along Swaziland has not been charging bed levy as rates charged included bed and breakfast inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). But now, the charges will include the aforesaid bed levy, meaning that they will increase. For instance, if spending a night at a hotel costs around E350 per night, a tourist will, from February, pay E357.50 and it will be E1787.50 for five days accommodation.

There are over 5 000 beds provided by over 240 registered tourism establishments in the country.

Simple calculations indicate that if half of the beds can be occupied one night per month, the STA can make E18 750 on the bed levy alone.

  • The exchange rate between Swaziland and South Africa is equal.

Read the entire report by Sifiso Sibandze from Times of Swaziland

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