Timeshares vs. vacation rentals

More and more vacationers are choosing other means of vacation lodging than traditional hotel stays.   This is especially true for larger families who need more space than is available in standard hotel rooms.   Paying for two hotel rooms is not only costly, but may also be inconvenient if two adjoining rooms are not available.   Timeshares and vacation rentals are popular options for vacationers.  Holiday Systems and other traveler reviews can help vacationers sift through the options and find the best vacation options to choose from.   Many people think both vacation options are the same, but there are distinct differences between the two.


A timeshare is a deeded property that you purchase from a timeshare company, such as Wyndham or Westgate Resorts.  Most properties are fixed weeks that you buy to use the same timeframe each year.  Following a 90-minute tour and timeshare presentation, vacationers can walk away with a vacation property they can call their very own to use, rent, sell or deed.  In addition to the cost of the timeshare, which is usually several thousand dollars for the initial purchase, there are annual maintenance fees of around $600. Vacationers can enjoy a week of memory-making fun and relaxation year after year, provided they maintain their annual maintenance fees.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals, on the other hand, are properties that consumers rent from other private consumers for a certain price and time frame set by the owner.  Some vacation rental properties are managed by rental companies, particularly in shore communities.   Other properties are advertised on websites like Craigslist.org or Ebay and sold on a first-come first serve basis.  In terms of Ebay, consumers can rely on customer reviews are ratings, but other websites may not provide this type of vital feedback, so there is increased risk with doing costly business with a stranger.

They tend to be comparable in price to timeshares, especially during the peak weeks of the end of June through mid-August.  The major difference between the two types of property is that you own one and not the other.  Another important distinction is that most vacation rentals include cleaning and some kind of damage deposit that you get back if the property found in the same condition after the trip as it was at the beginning.  Timeshare Resort companies incorporate cleaning costs into the overall maintenance fees and cost of the rental.

Choosing the right timeshare vacation property to buy takes a lot of careful research and reviews of customer feedback, such as Holiday Systems.  Timeshare are a safer, more cost-effective option than vacation rentals, as you and your family can invest in property that you can own and use, or share with others.

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