Tips on how to increase occupancy during off season

Many hotels start to do their maintenance and staff training and other streamlining during the low season. But the low seasons also are equally important time period that you can use to gain profit. By taking the necessary steps and being bit creative and taking alternative forms of advertising you can turn those low seasons also into very profitable seasons. That way you will be making a profit throughout the whole year.

Here are a few tips how you can make the low season also profitable if not a year round high season.

Exchange hotel facilities in exchange for advertising

A small scale hotel may not have the same budget of the bigger competitors to extensively advertise during the low season. But you can be creative and alternate channels to advertise and attract guests. It is not hard to find local media outlets that will do advertising in exchange of free hotel nights or any other hotel facilities. This way you can more easily advertise on radio, TV and newspapers and sell more rooms than you usually do during the low season.

Make new customers for the next season

Offer special deals during the low season and make that an opportunity to slowly build up your reputation. It will be a slow but very steady brand building. You can do a market research and match the same special offers your competitors offer and attract more guests. It will work as an alternative form of advertising and if the guests are happy they will not hesitate to visit your hotel even during the high season.

Re-package hotel services as special deals

During the low season you can use your empty rooms or your restaurants as sources to promote your hotel. When you offer late check-outs, complimentary upgrades, offer free extra nights or complimentary meals, they may work as a very effective and personalised form of advertising. Even though offering something like a late check-out does not cost you much extra, it can make a massive impact on the guests. They would be very please and your hotel will be in their list of the hotels to go on their next holiday.

Get some free publicity

Low season is a great time to offer free nights for travel writers, journalists, bloggers or socialites. Once they enjoy your hotel they will be happy to spread the word around and in return will draw more attention and guests to your hotel. Using the rooms that would be kept empty otherwise is a real smart move. When you do this, you will be opening the doors to a whole new group of potential guests.

One common mistake most of the hotel do is have a very complacent attitude about the low season and do not consider any possibilities of turning the situation around and make the best of it. These tips will not give results right away but it will slowly build up the hotel reputation and suggest the guests the possibility of enjoying your hotel facility during the low season.

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