Travel top-level domain, impact on industry

The .travel TLD (top-level domain) is a lesser used domain reserved for people, businesses and organizations in the travel and tourism industries. The .travel TLD lends credibility to its websites because its distribution is so closely monitored.

Though the .travel domain is not particularly noticeable among popular internet sites, several hundred thousand websites have been registered to the .travel TLD. .Com TLD names are so widely used and abused that it’s hard for users to trust new websites, but a unique TLD lends additional credibility to a domain name.

Just as users are more likely to trust a .edu, .gov, or even a .org TLD, a .travel TLD sets your travel website apart from the thousands of travel agencies and services available.

About travel industry

It is estimated that travel makes up as much as 10% of the world’s economy, so this is definitely a high-profit industry. Whether you plan to run your own travel business at a .travel domain or just resell the domain name, there’s a lot of money to be had. Most travellers plan their trips online, which involves booking plane tickets, rental cars, hotel room, restaurants, and more.

Reselling plane tickets and hotel reservations is a profitable industry, and so is aggregating this information from other sites. Many deal hunter websites exist to help users book the cheapest trips possible. These sites earn money from advertising, referral fees, and even selling their own travel packages.


.Health domain

Tralliance is the company responsible for verifying that .travel websites are travel related. Before you can buy a .travel TLD, you must register with Tralliance and receive a Unique Identification Number (UIN). Your business must fall under at least one of the 21 categories of the industry outlined by Tralliance to be approved for a .travel name.

You can find a complete list and learn more at, the official home page for the .travel domain. Once you’re approved for a .travel domain, you can register through any of the 40 approved registrars listed at

Though the approval process prevents domain resellers from buying and holding domains, there are still plenty of opportunities to acquire and make money on .travel domains. Many business who operate on other TLDs may find it beneficial to also reserve .travel and other domain names.

In addition to being good for SEO, it increases the chances that potential viewers will find your website. Making money on the web is all about visibility, and having your website visible in more places means you have more chances to be seen and get customers. Increase your chances of being seen today by getting a .travel domain.

If you’re new to the website business and are looking for a great industry to get into, the travel one is a good place to start, and there’s a lot of money to be made. To get your hands on a domain name today, one of the places to start looking would be at A website which is dedicated to providing customer info on domain registrars (Namecheap review can be found here)

  • Greg Mosk is a blogger at who has been covering the domain name industry for a number of years. When he’s not reporting on domain name industry news, he runs a small travel business on the .travel domain.

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