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The first point of contact online between your hotel and your customers is usually your website. This means that much of your effort should go towards sprucing it up so that it looks relevant to the industry you’re operating in. The hotel industry is currently under competition, so you need to identify what sets you apart from the crowd, in order to win the hearts of customers.

The 21st century customer relies more on visuals than anything else. If you can’t visually appeal to them, they’ll have no problem leaving. So your website needs to look beautiful apart from the user-friendly side of it. Beauty is what keeps them glued to what they are searching on your website. So you might have very good offers but since the user on their end was rushing to look elsewhere, they would miss your offers.

Because of the factors mentioned above, there’s need for hotel operators to have a website theme that takes care of the customer’s needs. We’ve seen a few websites that represent their industry well, and these sites actually excel in doing a smart job.

When it comes to hotel themes, don’t just go for any random theme you find online. In fact, if you are serious enough, don’t even go for the free themes being touted online because they’ll eventually cost you. Free means expensive, so they are likely to repel your prospects whenever they come across your site.

You also need a hotel theme that conveys who you are in a special way. If you are a classy hotel that offers customers the best service there can be, say a 5 star hotel, then you need a website theme that does just that. Again you can’t pick any theme to achieve your objective.

Realize that your hotel theme should be responsive and dynamic to the end users. These are aspects that make your hotel site SEO-friendly as well as customer-oriented. There are literally hundreds of hotel themes out there, which can make it quite difficult to choose the best. Out of the hundreds we’ve reviewed, we found that HotelEngine Comfy by engine themes has some characteristics that makes it one of the best.

HotelEngine Comfy

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Highly customizable

One feature that made this hotel theme stand out from the rest was the fact that it offered users a very straight forward way to customize their homepage according to their taste. This way, they could create their brands in a unique way. This theme also comes with premium page builder plugins to help users create professional-looking websites.

There are also 8 ready sets of full colored themes to help you design the perfect website that represents who you are. These are features any hotel operator needs to take advantage of.

Viewable in every device

These days, people tend to browse and book services online using their mobile devices. Therefore, it’s essential that your theme is designed to look outstanding in every device, whether it’s a PC or a tablet. Remember, beauty is what attracts them. So if you want to tap into this segment of consumers, you better go with HotelEngine Comfy theme.

Comfy and modern

Every hotel owner needs to create that feeling in their potential customers even before they can get a chance to visit and stay in their hotel. If your customers can’t visualize the kind of services you offer, then there’s a likelihood that you’re not approaching them the right way.

A hotel theme that doesn’t exude comfort and modern touch is as good as nothing. Unfortunately, most theme developers don’t give this a second thought. As long as what they’ve designed is responsive and meets standard seo requirements, they feel they’ve designed a wonderful product when that’s not the case.

Finally, if customers like what they are seeing (because they are guaranteed to like it), they can always make reservation in as little as minutes. HotelEngine Comfy theme is one of the best templates we’ve seen so far. It appears the developer took their time to study the hotel industry before designing it. This theme has appealed to customers worldwide, so you can’t go wrong with it whatsoever.

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