We’re no low cost or premium airline – Skywise

SKYWISE AIRLINE service offerings will uniquely position the airline in a manner that distinguishes it from the rest, especially low-cost carriers. We continue to combine both the price element and innovative service approach to differentiate our brand.

Our differentiation strategy consists of memorable flying experiences such as competitively superior service, outstanding customer care, as well as non-paid offers like free coffee. Pricing always controls our positioning, and there will be a number of extras to help us build a differentiated airline brand in the long term.

Differentiation will also touch on new ways in the handling of passengers. Customers look for better service around issues to do with food, safety, the sick, the frail and children. There will also be regular monitoring of the quality of the human resource, such as cabin crews, as a way of maintaining customer service standards throughout.

“The right balance of the two models should see us grow our position on the market. The drive will see our customer centered services, mainly fares and cabin extras, reflecting a balance between the two globally successful air travel formats. We want the Skywise model to be a game changer in the South African air passenger industry” says J. Malik and Tabassum Qadir, Co-Chairs of Skywise.

When our passengers experience what we promise them – no hidden costs, low air fares enjoyed without hassles, with friendly cabin crew service, we would be proud of delivering a successful business model for them.

Author: Muzi Mohale

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