Hotel GM Quiz

I’m running a weekly series shining the spotlight on the hotel general manager, getting first hand information about their role within a hotel, challenges they face and what makes them tick in the face of working under pressure daily.

Below is a standard quiz for all participating hotel managers…please spare a moment of your busy schedule to talk about your work:

  1. Briefly introduce yourself, your career background before your current position (include photograph).

  2. What attracted you to this hotel and how long have you been on the current position?

  3. What have been your proud achievements since taking over your current position?

  4. Give us a breakdown of the offerings in your hotel?

  5. What daily challenges do you face with your position?

  6. What is the overall staff compliment under your supervision and what percentage of that is recruited from local community?

  7. Do you have an example to share where your hotel has groomed a staff member from entry position to climb the career ladder?

  8. How does the hotel recruit new staff members?

  9. How do you ensure you turn once-off hotel guests into repeat clients?

  10. What marketing strategies have proven profitable for your hotel and which ones have been a waste of resources?

  11. What percentage of your budget is spent sourcing goods and services from within your locality?

  12. Is your hotel involved in any community upliftment projects…if so, please share details?

  13. How is your hotel impacting positively to the environment?

  14. What inspires you to wake up each morning ready to positively contribute in your hotel?

  15. What legacy do you aim to leave in your current position?

Send your completed quiz to editor[at]